Oestrich-Winkel (Germany), April 2019 – DIAG Industries und FIA move into new company headquarters in Oestrich-Winkel.


Ferrostaal Industrieanlagen GmbH (FIA) has had its company headquarters in Geisenheim for decades. As the building there could no longer able to be used for fire safety reasons, the company has relocated its headquarters to Schwarzgasse in Oestrich-Winkel.


“We have a great interest in still being located in the Rhine District and centrally connected with the Frankfurt hub, and to develop our international activities from the region, especially in the areas of oil & gas, renewable energies, mining and infrastructure”, stressed Dr Klaus Lesker, Managing Partner of the parent company, Deutsche Industrieanlagen GmbH (DIAG).


All of the company’s activities in Eastern Europe are pursued through FIA. All new business in countries including Algeria, Trinidad, Ghana, Mauritania, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia is acquired through DIAG Industries, a 100% subsidiary of FIA.

About DIAG:

DIAG has many decades of experience as an industrial service provider in the areas of oil & gas, renewable energies, mining and infrastructure. Acting as either a general contractor or in collaboration with joint venture partners, DIAG explores development opportunities in selected markets, and organises partnerships and cooperation for projects throughout the world. The holding company supports the development of new business models and acquires shareholdings.