Essen/Sydney/Pasir Gudang, November 2019 – IPS Malaysia, a subsidiary of DIAG Group company IPS International, is now serving the Malaysian market for rotating machines. The company is located in the strategically advantageous Pasir Gudang industrial area and thus has excellent access to the new Petronas refinery and petrochemical plant which itself has more than 3 000 rotating machines.

The subsidiary is equipped to overhaul valves and rotating machines; to repair components; refurbish rotors and bearings; overhaul shafts and carry out non-destructive inspections. To ensure that the customary high level of IPS service quality is maintained in Malaysia, local specialist engineers and technicians are being trained at the parent plant in Sydney, Australia.

The main target markets of IPS Malaysia, a joint venture with an established local partner, are oil & gas, petrochemicals, industrial gases, power plants and the oleochemical industry.


About DIAG:

DIAG has many years’ experience as an industrial service provider in the fields of oil & gas, renewable energies, mining and infrastructure. As a general contractor or in collaboration with joint venture partners DIAG investigates development opportunities in selected markets and organizes partnerships and collaborations for projects around the world. The holding company assists in the development of new business models and acquires shares in other companies.