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Essen, Februar 2021 – X-Zell, one of the promising start-ups funded by Deutsche Industrieanlagen GmbH (DIAG), has taken an important step towards internationalisation. Since the beginning of February, the Singapore-based company, which specialises in fighting cancer, has setup another company headquarters in Elspe, Sauerland.

In addition to its work in its traditional fields of activity, DIAG also focuses on the promotion of innovative future technologies. As X-Zell’s largest investor, the Essen-based company was an early adopter of the medical-technical start-up’s approach: “We are convinced that X-Zell CEO Sebastian Bhakdi’s research work to obtain early and timely indications of certain cancers from patients’ blood will play a significant role in the fight against this scourge of humanity,” says DIAG’s managing partner Klaus Lesker.

X-Zell is already working with the German university hospitals in Mainz and Kiel, but now intends to intensify the search for other university partners from Germany. The focus is on the further development of medical devices with which blood can be tested, and the establishment of a distribution structure.

“Covid-19 just makes it clear how important the early detection of diseases is – and how huge the backlog demand is. X-Zell is also a special investment for DIAG for this reason,” says DIAG’s managing director Martin Wiechers, “not only because the concept itself is convincing, but also it underlines our focus on future technologies.”

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Source: Westfalenpost, Business Department, from Monday, February 8, 2021.


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