Thanks to its diverse shareholdings DIAG is an internationally active company which can look back on a long history. We have always placed great value on taking social responsibility for our employees and business partners; customers and capital investors and also the public.

Good corporate governance not only forms the basis of our commercial success; it also promotes trust in our corporate group.

Shareholders and management believe in
  • Responsible management and control of our company, with a focus on long-term value creation
  • Efficient, goal-oriented collaboration of company management with our advisory boards
  • Safeguarding of the interests of our employees and business partners
  • Transparent communications
  • Appropriate handling of risks.

The managers in charge of each shareholding must ensure that their employees comply with the law; relevant directives and standards and internal regulations, thus protecting their companies from damage. An appropriate, effective corporate compliance management system for all of our shareholdings forms the basis for this. These rules apply to everyone who acts for a DIAG Group company or in its name, no matter whether as a salaried employee; a consultant or a self-employed sales agent.

The DIAG Code of Conduct defines fundamental standpoints relating to our business activities and forms the basis of our corporate culture and business relationships.